About Us

Design Theory Inc. is a family-owned and family-operated premier private showroom, online retailer, full-service interior design firm, and FF&E dealership that has served the community since 2004. We have built our company by providing superior interior design, beautiful furnishings, great service all at affordable prices and by doing so we have fostering long-term relationships with our client base.


T. Cordelle Louis, CID CEO / Lead Designer

From Los Angeles, California to the Gold Coast of Africa, International Designer and Co-Owner, T. Cordelle Louis, brings a multi-cultural twist to the Industry, through her imaginative and brilliant interior design schemes. With seventeen years of experience under her belt, a number of awards and nominations, she has received recognition in both the Commercial and Residential fields. As one of the youngest board members of the International Furniture and Design Association (IFDA), she held the seat of Vice President of Public Relations for two years running. Having started early in this industry, she understands the promise of tomorrow's youth and is a continuing guest speaker at local colleges for their interior design departments and programs.

Her sophisticated style is unique, utilizing the best of the old and the new. By integrating basic design principles with modern technology, she masters the concept of “pleasing the client within the design boundaries.” T. Cordelle was a key member of the development team for The Regatta (located in Marina Del Rey, CA), The Grand and The Remington (located in Los Angeles, CA). Additionally, she headed the Architectural Design Committee at The Remington - Private Estates, as well as having carried the title of the Director of Design during her six year employment with the sixth-ranking developer in Southern California and the top-ranking national developer of condominium conversions.

T. Cordelle Louis brings true versatility to the industry, creating custom furnishings along with a turnkey interior design firm in the Los Angeles area which features: residential, commercial and contract design.


Our Mission

To take the project's objectives and elevate them to their highest potential, while maximizing our client's dollars.


To our design so that it complements the architecture along with targeting the appropriate market in such a manner that the design is appealing to the consumer.


To incorporate our design so that it complements the residence while engaging the senses and persona of the client with a harmonious effect.

We do all of this through

  • Our close attention to detail in both the creative, contractual and technical processes
  • Understanding and clarifying the client's goals and desires, followed by encompassing them into our design process, ensuing in an accurate representation of the project vision
  • Hands-on management by the principals
  • Experienced from detail drawings and renderings to detailed purchasing documentation
  • Strong problem solving through the development process from budget constraints to brainstorming sessions with an innovative spirit


Design Theory, Inc. is committed to conducting our in an environmentally responsible and proactive manner, consistent with our commitment to corporate citizenship, social responsibility and sustainability. Our experience has demonstrated that practices can be money-saving, build customer and even drive for the company. We aim to promote the use of natural resources and minimizing waste through the commendation of environmentally sustainable and eco-fiscally sensitive products and services and encourage our business partners and suppliers to strive for the same high levels of environmental consciousness.